Snow Removal

Over the winter, our area of Northern Michigan receives abundant snowfall and we are always prepared. If you have a parking lot, private road, condo association or driveway, we’ll keep it clean all winter for you. We specialize in high traffic properties that must be clear and safe for customers and employees.

For businesses, we can customize a snowplowing agreement with details such as time of plowing, at what depth to begin plowing, when to apply salt, shovel sidewalks if necessary etc.  Unfortunately snowfall does not follow a schedule so we are ready to service properties around the clock.  All lots are staked to avoid property damage.

Subdivisions and private roads receive a high degree of attention.  Occasionally the roadway will need to be plowed when drifting or a warmup creates slush.  We’re there to make sure it’s scraped before it the slush freezes and creates a rutted and rough road surface.  High snowbanks can be a hazard for drivers so our large snowblower is used to blow banks back and avoid large piles created by a loader.  All roadways are staked to avoid damage to homeowner lawns.

We maintain dozens of residential drives.  We offer very affordable rates especially if you happen to live on the west side of town.  We plow at 2” of accumulation.  A homeowner has the option to pay per plow or a flat monthly rate that does not change no matter how much snow falls during the winter.

Call for more details about Landgreen Lawncare’s snow removal service.  It’s important to sign up early in the season to make sure you are on our plowing route!

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