What areas does Landgreen Lawncare service? For lawn treatment services we cover Traverse City, Leelanau Peninsula, Old Mission, Interlochen, Williamsburg, Elk Lake. Our mowing and snow services are more closely based in Traverse City.

What is the cost of the fertilizer program?  The cost depends on the area of your lawn.  Call for an estimate and we can stop by to give you pricing and a lawn analysis.  Often we can give a quick quote right over the phone so there is no waiting.  You may find out that hiring us is actually less expensive than treating the lawn yourself!

Are there any discounts available?  Absolutely.  There is an option to prepay for the program before the season begins.  This results in a 10% discount on the entire program.  There may be other discounts available at certain times of the year.

How do I pay for service?  We send an invoice out shortly after each service via email or snail mail.  Prepay customers can pay upon receiving the prepay agreement in late winter/early spring.

What if I want only one application of weed-control or fertilizer only?  No problem.  We can do a one-time application to take care of weeds or help a lawn green-up.  The results don’t normally last very long.  That is why a program is recommended so we are at your lawn on a repeated basis to keep it healthy and monitor for problems.

How will I know if an application has been done at my home?  We always leave a flag at the end of the drive as well as a notification at the front door with detailed information.

Are the applications safe for people and pets?  Our fertilizers are safe and any pesticides applied are done so in strict accordance with the law.   An applicator must pass an exam and have up-to-date certifications.  Landgreen Lawncare is a licensed firm by MDARD.  All products we apply are very similar to what a homeowner can purchase themselves at a gardening store.  Additional information besides what is on the notification can be obtained by contacting us.  We are more than happy to answer any questions about the products we apply.