Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

Since 1995 Landgreen Lawncare has been providing lawn treatment services throughout the Traverse City area. Our goal is to earn your business year after year by providing exceptional service. Our fertilization and weed control program promotes a healthy lawn that your neighbors will envy.

We apply premium granular fertilizer every five to six weeks along with the spraying of weeds as needed. This five application program provides steady growth for your lawn keeping it healthy and looking good. If there are problems we can diagnose and treat any insect or disease as well as help prevent future problems. And we promise never to sell you a service that your lawn does not need in turn saving you money.

Service is available not only for home lawns but for businesses, condo associations, parks, and athletic fields. Call for a free estimate and we can stop by to give you pricing and a lawn analysis. Often we can give a quick quote right over the phone so there is no waiting.

Lawn Fertilization

We offer a 5 application program consisting of granular fertilizer along with spraying of weeds if needed.  The first application includes a crabgrass preventer. We only use premium-grade fertilizers with no phosphorus. Granular fertilizer provides an even feeding to the lawn week after week.  Slow-release granules prevent the quick flush of growth which can stress a lawn and make mowing difficult.

Weed Control

Weed control in landscape beds along with spring and fall granular weed prevention.

Non-selective weed control.  We can kill off an entire area for new lawns, landscape bed renovations, etc.

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