Weeds, Insects and Disease Control

Control and Prevent

Grubs and other insects can devastate a lawn. At Landgreen Lawncare we understand how important your lawn is and we have the experience and knowledge to insure that grubs and other insects do not overtake and destroy your lawn.

Controlling weeds- In lawns, landscape beds and anywhere else they are not wanted

Dandelions, clover, crabgrass etc are common weeds that can be taken care of.  Crabgrass is prevented with pre-emergent in the first application of our program.  If some crabgrass happens to still germinate we will take care of it at no charge.  Most weeds like dandelions are sprayed during the second application of the program when temperatures are warming.  And following spot applications are done during summer and early fall to keep the lawn weed free.

Dandelion- grows from seed or previous year plant

Grubs- Japanese Beetle and European Chafer

The Japanese beetle and European chafer grubs have infested many lawns in the area and are a continuing problem. Identifying the problem early on is the best solution. There are several warning signs: A patch of browning or dead turf that doesn't recover with daily watering, small holes in the soil from birds feeding, pieces of sod torn up from skunks feeding, mole tunnels in the area.

Torn up grass from animals feeding on grubs

Grub Preventer and Grub Control

We can apply a grub control to eliminate them and stop the damage from other animals. A grub preventer is very effective and is highly recommended. We guarantee no grub damage for one year after application. If they do return in that time, we will take care of them at no charge.

Chinch bugs, winter cutworms and sod webworms are just a few of the other insects we have dealt with. All are easily controlled if needed.

A quick inspection can confirm if grubs are feeding on the grass roots

Poison Ivy Control

Poison ivy spraying in ditches, woods, fields etc. This service is requested frequently. Two applications per year will control poison ivy. Further annual applications may be needed.

Poison ivy can be identified by its three leaves. It can differ greatly in appearance depending on how much sunlight it receives

Ornamental Tree and Bushes

Ornamental tree spraying for insect and disease problems.  Mites, aphids, and other damaging insects can be controlled before severe injury to trees and bushes occur.

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