"Our lawn is beautifully maintained and cared for by Landgreen Lawncare. Without regular fertilization, the hills in our yard become brown and dried out and no amount of watering can bring them back to life. With Landgreen caring for our lawn with regular fertilization throughout the season, there is never a dull spot in the yard – we even find ourselves watering less frequently. The icing on the cake is that we have yet to find a weed in the yard!"

--Liz Ledtke, Traverse City

"Landgreen has provided "Outstanding Service and Products" for my lawn care needs! We receive compliments from neighbors, as well as folks driving past our home though-out the spring, summer, and fall months. Landgreen's fertilizer and weed control service is second to no other. The cost is lower than if I tried to take care of it myself. Thank You for Taking Care of us!"

--Jeff and Kris Peters, Traverse City

"All of my neighbors call and ask me why my lawn is so beautiful, green and lush.I tell them about Landgreen Lawn care. All of them have switched from their old service to you!!"

--Barb Duchene, Traverse City

"We want you to know how much we appreciate your consistent and professional way of doing business. Years ago when I met with you to evaluate our property and discussed our expectations relative to increased price from year to year, your word has been exactly what you said. You are a dependable and certainly a trusted business for Traverse City."

--Ray Lecornu, Old Mission

"As Maintenance Supervisor at Arbors of Traverse Apartments, it has been my pleasure to work with you over the last 4 1/2 years. During that time, our landscape maintenance needs have continued to grow and become more complex with each season. I am very pleased with Landgreen's flexibility and reliability, as well as your personal willingness to take "ownership" of the health and appearance of our property's green space. In addition, I appreciate your input and cooperation in coming up with a comprehensive and cost effective landscape management plan each year. Curb appeal is a very important part of our industry and I regularly get positive feedback from both residents and visitors to our community on our well manicured lawns and landscape bedding areas, this is in no small part due to the efforts of Landgreen Lawncare."

--Bill Kunce, Arbors of Traverse Apartments

"Most everybody thinks that caring for lawns is pretty mundane. In fact, many teenagers make a try at it one time or another. However, giving superior service like your company does takes a pro. Always on schedule, you are dependable, efficient and effective. The lawn is well cut, all the trimmings are picked up and all I have to do is turn the sprinklers on. In one sentence, because of your professionalism, I have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood!"

--Luc Serriere, Williamsburg

"The Arbors of Traverse apartment complex is proud to turn to Landgreen Lawncare for the landscaping and lawn maintenance of our beautiful community for over six years. The professional team is always thorough in the work they complete and courteous to our residents and staff. In fact, for the past two years Arbors of Traverse has earned the Overall Best Curb Appeal award named by the Property Management Association of Michigan. This prestigious award was earned with many thanks to the Landgreen team and their meticulous attention to detail."

--Kelly Bauer, Community Manager Arbors of Traverse/IPA Management LLC

"After years of doing my own snow removal I decided this year to outsource. Due to a reference from a friend I contracted Chris at Landgreen Lawncare and signed a contract for removal by the push. I was and still am pretty demanding as to when and how the job is done and was a little skeptical as to the job another remover would do. I must say I am extremely happy at the job that is being done. Landgreen Lawncare has shown up at the appropriate time and in a timely manner. The snow has been removed to my satisfaction. We live on a county road where the county snowplows constantly push snow back onto our drive and mailbox, but this is also being addressed and taken care of by the driver. I would highly recommend Landgreen Lawncare."

--Dennis Carroll, Traverse City

"Thank you for the wonderful plowing job you do on our parking lot every winter! We have many visitors from all over the world and it is crucial that they be able to navigate the parking lot without difficulty. Many have never been in snow before! Our employees also appreciate you being here early before they arrive. It makes a difference.

Thank you for the promptness with which you respond to an emergency call or unexpected snow during the day! We can always count on you to be here taking care of it.

Thank you from all of us at RJG, Inc. "

--Sharon Corey-Fettig, Purchasing Manager - RJG, Inc.

"It has been my experience of at least 6 years that Chris of Land Green lawn care, Has been experienced and Professional and caring while removing snow from our driveways and cul de sac's of Lone tree 2. He honors his contract and has excellent equipment for the job. He also has provided the best lawn care we have had in Lone Tree 2."

--Thomas Good, Lone Tree Condo Association